Vegan Pumpkin Latkes

Since my wife can remember herself, in every meal in here home with her family, one could find potatoes, in one way or another. Also the variations were not so many, and slowly (but surly) she developed a kind distaste for potatoes. It's understandable. But Latkes are so tasty and are a must once in a while, especially during Hanukkah. So we took this obstacle and turned it into an opportunity and made Latkes, totally vegan, out of a pumpkin.

Latke is actually a word in Yiddish and it means fritter. The fritter is a very common dish in Europe and there are many versions of it, sweet and salty. This version is a salty one, but with a few slight adjustments you can also make it sweet.

The ingredients :

A pumpkin
A couple of onions
Some flour
Sea salt
A bit turmeric
Fresh dill
Fresh thyme

Peel the pumpkin and take the seeds out. Of course the seeds you don't throw away, here you have an example what to do with them.
Grate the pumpkin, chop the onions and the dill and mix them all together. Add the leaves of the thyme, some salt, pepper and turmeric and mix.
The part of the flour is to connect all the ingredients together and to make sure they stay like this as well. I like to use Matzo flour but you can also use chickpea flour or even normal whole grain flour. Add the flour and mix until everything is nice and connected.
Let it rest in the fridge for about an hour and then create the shape of the Latkes and fry them in hot oil. The truth is, it's better not to fry them in oil and just put them in the oven. In this way you spare your body the toxins. It goes well with Zucchini Galic Spread. Enjoy!  


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