Rote Beete Salad - Beetroot

This recipe I learned from my grandmother. Over the years, whenever she makes this salad, she shares with me how she makes it. I, of course, gladly absorbed the information, and after a while got the general idea. Also here I made a few changes in order to call it mine. The beautiful thing is that now, every time I make this salad, I call my grandmother to tell her about it, and she, with a tone full of pride, tells me that she also just made it. So in a mystical way, we still enjoy the salad together.  

One of the changes I made was adding caraway to it, which gives it a very nice flavor twist. Other than interesting flavor, the caraway has also medical benefits like calming the digestive system, preventing heartburn, increasing the appetite, improving the eyesight and so on. 

The beetroot has also interesting medical benefits. It strengthens the immune system by allowing a better flow of oxygen to the cells and tissues, which helps also the heart, the muscles and the nervous system to stay in good condition. The beetroot also digest easily, and if you eat a lot from it, it will color your urine red, so don't panic.  

For this recipe it is better to buy the medium sized beetroots, so they will cook faster and get soft also from the inside.         

The Ingredients:

A few beetroots
A couple of sliced onions
Olive oil
Sea salt

You cut the top and tail off, and put them in a pot with water and bring to a boil. Like my grandmother said, you should not take your eyes from the pot. You stand next to it with a fork and test every once in a while, to make sure they don't get too soft. (Actually, lately I don't even cook them – so they keep even more their nutrition value, and just cut them a bit thinner).  

When they are soft enough, move them directly under running cold water, to stop them from cooking some more. After they are cool enough, you peel them, slice them (not so thin) and put them in a bowl with the sliced onions. Add a bit olive oil, a bit salt and pepper, a nice amount of caraway and the vinegar and a bit sugar. The beetroots are not supposed to swim in vinegar, but still the amount should be nice.

It should rest like this in the fridge for the night, and if there is a need to add a bit sugar or vinegar, just add them and no need to wait again. Mix it and eat it. Enjoy!



  1. I actually love beets but my experience has only been with the ones in a can...sigh. If you make this salad without cooking the beets, do you just peel them first then slice them? I think I would like them uncooked but not sure. Any suggestions are appreciated...thanks!

    1. Well, when I make the salad without cooking the beets I do peel them and I try to slice them really thin, so they are nice and crunchy but not too much. But I think that maybe it's better for you, as a nice start with fresh beets, to cook them shortly so they are not too raw for an "untrained" mouth, and then try not to slice them really thin, but a bit thicker. What really important is, to let the salad "rest" a bit before you go and eat it, so all the different tastes are nice and ripe. Enjoy!