Zucchini Garlic Spread

Each morning, after the table is already made for breakfast, I look at all the different dishes and colors. Everything is fresh, tasty and inviting. And every time I get another idea for another kind of salad or another kind of spread, that will fit well with the fresh bread and the nice color variety. Also this is important.
This time, I got the muse for making something green. So at the market I ran straight to the Zucchinis, and almost instantly I could see – and taste, the nice spread, which will become of them.

The garlic is very dominant in our dishes. Fresh in a salad or cooked and even baked. The garlic has also many nutritional benefits. It helps reducing cholesterol, it has many antioxidants, it lowers the sugar level in the blood and many many more. (Garlic Facts)

One thing I can promise the ones who will enjoy this spread. Vampires will no longer be a problem.

The ingredients :

A few zucchinis
A couple cloves of garlic
Vegan crème (I use oatmeal cream but also rice cream or soya cream are good)
Olive oil
Sea salt
Fresh dill

Cut the zucchinis and cook them in salty water together with the garlic, until they soften up a bit. Then strain them and make a paste out of them. It's better to strain this paste one more time with a fine strainer, to get rid of some more unnecessary liquids the zucchinis absorbed.
Chop the onion and the dill and add them to the zucchini paste. Add some olive oil, salt, pepper and a bit cumin. Mix in some of the cream to thicken the spread a bit. Enjoy! 

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