Pesto Suace

The last time I enjoyed a good pesto sauce was when I still lived in Israel and my mother made me a nice and delicious Pasta-Pesto. The truth is that here pine nuts are very expensive and they come in such small bags so it's been a while since we enjoyed a nice pesto sauce. But two weeks ago we got some by luck and we knew that soon, right after our visit to the market, we will make pesto.

The Ingredients :

A bundle of fresh basil
A few fresh mint leaves
A handful of pine nuts
A handful of sunflower seeds
A couple of garlic cloves
Some graded hard soy cheese
A good olive oil
Sea salt

Grind the basil, mint, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, some of the cheese and the garlic. Add gradually olive oil until you get the right consistency. Add some salt and pepper and let it rest a bit before using. There are many possibilities for using the pesto sauce and the common one of course is with pasta. The truth is it goes amazing also with roasted tofu, with whole grain rice or just like this on fresh bread. Enjoy!

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