Vegan Hamin

I just started writing, that although the first signs of spring are showing, there is still nothing better than a good steamy plate of Hamin to please the stomach and warm the body and soul. But then I looked outside the window, and I saw that it is snowing… So, here in Germany, the spring refuses to finally arrive, and this plate with the steamy Hamin is just the thing to comfort us.

Hamin (or Cholent) is a traditional Jewish slow cooking stew. In the Jewish religion one should not cook on Shabbat, so the Hamin is being prepared before the Shabbat enters and stays on a slow cooker for the whole night, and then being eaten on Shabbat noon.

The truth is that the Hamin I make has a unique and special taste. A few months ago, my sister sent us a very nice surprise package, full with goodness. One of the things that were inside this package was the pot she usually makes Hamin in. It's a heavy cast iron pot, with a nice lid that fits perfectly. The thing is that the unique taste has no link to the quality of this specific pot, rather from the beautiful thought my sister had and her will to keep the connection alive. Because every time I use this pot, instantly I think about my sister, and like I know her, somehow – in some cosmic level, she also thinks about me in the same moment. This affects the taste and gives the Hamin its unique taste that is reborn each and every time.

The ingredients :

Onions, garlic, carrots, celery root and many other favorite vegetables
Your favorite kind of tofu
Purple Carrots?
Sprouted legumes
Fresh parsley
A lot of cumin
Sea salt
Vegetables broth (works good also with just water)

It is very simple to make. You dice the vegetables to pretty large pieces and put in a pot. Add the sprouted legumes, the parsley, the spices and the broth, three quarters high. Stir it up and bring to a boil and then slowly and gradually lower the heat. Leave it like this, on low heat for about 8 hours. I prefer to cook it in day time, to have more control over it and I can enjoy the smells. It goes perfect with fresh baked bread, fresh Tahini and fresh made Sauerkraut. Enjoy!    



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