Roasted Squash Seeds

When I buy a squash at the market, the thing I'm trying to concentrate the most on, is not necessarily the size of the squash, or its color and so on, rather I'm trying to think about and imagine the quality of the seeds that the squash carries within it. If the seeds are small and dry, also the taste of the squash will share the same flavorless fate. On the other hand, if the seeds are moist and their color is white and fresh, so too the taste of the squash will be full, fresh and with lots of character.
The truth is, I also really love all sorts of roasted seeds. Watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds and so on.  It's a really nice addition to soups, salads or to enjoy them just like this for relaxation.    

So, as I said before, the hardest part of this recipe is to find the right squash, which will be of good quality and will have a nice fresh foundation. The small things are in fact the most important (and fun).

The squash seeds are rich with all sorts of minerals. The main mineral found in them is zinc, which important for the hair and the skin. (Squash and Pumpkin seeds nutrition facts )

The ingredients :

Squash seeds
Sea salt
Some cumin

The seeds should be washed and strained and then place them in a baking form, in one layer. Add a bit salt, pepper and the cumin.
You put them in the oven at a low heat, 120 degrees or so, until they are nice and crispy. When they are ready let them rest a bit outside and they will stay good for quite a long time in a sealed box. Enjoy!  

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