Seaweed Yogurt Spread

I have to admit that once in a while I miss the taste of food from the sea. Fish mostly. But the yearning is not to the creatures themselves, rather the unique taste of the sea. This spread, with its strong seaweed taste, is just the "cure" for those times of craving.

Other than amazing taste, seaweed is also very nutritious. It's rich with minerals and vitamins like magnesium, iron, B12, B6 and many many more. (The benefits of eating Seaweed)

The Ingredients :

Seaweed (I use a few leafs of Nori but experimenting is more than welcome)  
Soy yogurt
A lemon
A few green onions
Fresh dill
Sea salt

The preparation is very easy. You chop the seaweed and mix it with the yoghurt, and add the juice from one lemon. Chop the dill and the green onions and add them as well. Add a bit salt and pepper. Mix everything together and drizzle a bit olive oil on it. Serve it on a fresh toast, close your eyes and listen to the waves.

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